Monadnock Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Fly Tying is directly related to the education mission of the Monadnock Chapter of Trout Unlimited in southwestern New Hampshire.

  • We use fly tying to teach people about natural resources, entomology, and of course how trout relate to their primary food source.
  • We use fly tying as a social event, as a way to connect with youngsters and adults alike.
  • Most of all, we do it because it's fun as you can see in our ongoing projects and events.

Trout Pond Opening!

 Designated Trout and Fly-Fishing-Only Ponds Open April 22 CONCORD, NH -- Fishing in New Hampshire's designated trout ponds and fly-fishing-only ponds opens on the fourth Saturday in April -- this year's opening day is April 22. Fishing is allowed through October 15 (a few ponds managed under wild trout regulations are open only through Labor Day). These waters are managed specifically for trout and offer anglers the chance to experience exciting fishing in some of the Granite State's most scenic surroundings.Read the whole article here 

Our 2016 Trout Camper

In 2016, the Chapter sent Spencer Hokanson to the Vermont Trout  Camp. Spencer then told the Christmas meeting about his experiences at the camp. He had a wonderful time and came back with a passion for fly fishing, tying and the work needed to preserve our cold water areas. Spencer is the latest of our Trout Campers and this year, the Chapter is sending another young person to the NH Trout Camp.

The Deerfield Dash

A group of intrepid chapter members have been "dashing" down to the Deerfield River in the late afternoon to wrangle the fish down there. Follow the link below to see how they've done!
Deerfield Dash Photos