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Scenes from the July Field Meeting on Gilmore Pond!

   Click on "Gilmore Pond" to view the  slides from Gilmore Pond as a Power Point Presentation.

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June Field Meeting Results!!

Here are some pictures from the June meeting at Center Pond in Nelson. Lew and Patrick are shown with two of the fish caught that night. Check the schedule on the left for the next field meeting at Gilmore Pond in Jaffrey!

Lew with a nice rainbow! Come out to the field meetings!

Patrick wrestles with a nice brown! See what you can catch at the field meetings!!


Trout in the Classroom 2015

The chapter continues to work with NH FIsh and Game to promote the Trout in the Classroom program. The City of Keene, Eric Swope is the man there, Tal Gregory and Mike Elkavitch from the chapter all help make this work. The teachers in the schools are vital to the continued sucess of the program. This year the chapter purchased, with the help of hte Cheshire County Conservation District, a new chiller whiich is at the Keene Montessori School in Keene. In all, 8 schools are participating in the program. They are: Fuller Elementary School, Jonathan Daniels Elementary, Surrey Village Charter School and Keene Montessori School all in Keene. Monadnock Regional HS, Swanzey, Marlboro Elementary School, Marlboro, Wells Memorial School, Harrisville and ConVal Regional HS in Peterborough all have chillers and eggs supplied through the progeam. Below are some pictures from the start of this year's program.

NH Fish and Game Hatchery, New Durham, NH

These are the trays in which the eggs are raised in before they go to the schools.

Brook Trout eggs in the trays.

Trout eggs in JJ Prior's classroom at Fuller Elementary School, Keene.

To find out more about the program please click on the link below

For more on the continued efforts to keep Brook Trout sustainable, please see


Fly Tying Class Fall 2014

Below are some pictures from this fall's fly tying class. We have been concentrating on streamers and the class has been wonderful! A great gropu to work with they have done some very nice flies. Matukas were handled with ease and the fourth week will have us tying Zonkers. We'll be planing the spirng class sessions soon so be on the lookout for that infornation.

Tying Matukas is a precise operation


More Matukas being formed

Smiling tyers!


Trout Camp 2014

One of the programs we support is the NH State Trout Unlimited Trout Camp. This camp has young anglers spend a week in northern NH to learn how to tie flies, read the water, cast well ande  most importantly, reallize the importance of habitat and clean water for trout and other species. This year the chapter sponsored Joe as our camper. You can see Joe and the other campers in this YouTube video

There is also a slide show that illustrates more of the camp and what the purpsoe is. You can see from the faces of both campers and counselors that a great time is being had by all!

Trout in the classroom project

 Trout fry release 2014

Below are some photos of the release of trout fry that were raised in Marlborough and Harrisville schools. Students in these schools raised the fry from egg and then released them in June into Minewaha Brook in Marlborough.

The section of the brook where the release took place.

Trout fry just before being released into the brook.

Eric Swope explaining how the fry will now try to find a new home in the stream. Eric explained the needs, in food and habitat, that the fry will need to survive.

Tal Gregory explains how trout live

Tal Gregory is shown below in JJ Prior's class at the Fuller School in Keene. JJ's class has been watching and learning about the trout eggs that have been in their classroom. Tal is a member of the Monadnock Chapter and has been volunteering with Trout in the Classroom for a number of years.


The chapter supports the Trout in the Classroom Project. The proceeds from the Amazon purchases, outlined above, help to keep the program going. We are now supporting 7 schools, Monadnock Regjonal HS, ConVal HS, Jonathan Daniels, Fuller School in Keene, Surry Village Charter School, Marlborough Elementary School and Wells Memorial School in Harrisville. We help by providing the chillers, support and obtaining the eggs from the Powder Mill Hatchery.  Below are two pictures from the most  recent "stocking" of eggs in the classes.

A view of the Powder Mill Hatchery, run by NH Fish and Game, in New Durham. The hatchery supplies the brook trout eggs for the program.


These are salmon eggs, waiting to hatch and be stocked. The trout eggs are in a similar setup when we get them from the hatchery. The temperature, yesterday, is at 39 F. The cold water is perfect for the trout and salmon. This is why chillers are required for the aquariums, to keep the temperature right for the eggs to develop.

Fly Tying Class

Two of the students at our fly tying class listening, learning and tying! The class has gone very well with lots of new patterns for the class to try and use this spring. We are thinking of doing one class in the fall and then another in the early spring next year. The Cheshire Fish and Game Club has been a wonderful venue for doing the class. If you are interested in learning more, use the contact information to get more on this great way to learn to tie.

Monadnock TU Chapter Field Trip

On November 2, a group of of intrepid Monadnock TU Members and guests went to the Deerfield River for some late fall fishing. One group went with the Harrison Brothers Guide Service and another waded along the river. Over the next few weeks we'll feature photos from the trip. The trip was such a success that more are planned for next year! In this  first photo, Ed Henault admires a nice brown caught by Larry Antonuk  with the dam in the background.

The vehicle of choice for the Deerfiled trip. We are planning another trip for the new season and information will be out as the plans firm up.

Ed hooks another nice fish on the Deerfield River!


Ed admires his catch on the Deerfield River. Another trip is being planned for next year.

A nice Deerfield rainbow from the recent trip!

Bluegill Tournament Winner!


The proud winner, Jim Sullivan, of the Bluegill Bonaza Tournament is congratulated by Chapter President, Tim McMahon. While the turnout was small, those present enjoyed themselves. If we have another tournament, we would like to see more chapter members come out and enjoy some time on the water and support the chapter.

Trout in the Classroom

The Monadnock Chapter has supported the Trout in the Classroom program by providing chilers, getting the eggs and support for teachers. The hatched eggs will be released locally and the students will gain an appreciation of valuable resources. Clean water and habitat are crucial to the survival of the trout. Schools participating this year in our region are Jonathan Daniels, Keene, Surry Charter School, Harrisville Elementary and ConVal HS. The fish pictured above are in Dana Wood's classroom at ConVal HS. Thanks to all the teachers and students who have made this a success.

The Monadnock Chapter draws members from throughout SW New Hampshire. Our region covers areas in both of the region's major watersheds -- The Connecticut and Merrimack River drainages.

Monadnock Trout Unlimited meets at the Dublin Public Library on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. These meetings are for both members and guests. You can check on the topic for a meeting by using the calendar on the left side of this page.

Join Trout Unlimited  online (Select MONADNOCK 333 as your Chapter). Please note, if you live in Keene or Peterborough you will have to try to contact TU National. For some reason, the default for those two towns is the Merrimack Valley Chapter. We're working on correcting that.

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